The Twins 1 of 2
Marlena Robbins

The Twins 1 of 2

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Acrylic and size 11 seed beads on canvas.  12" x 24" unframed. 16" x 28" framed.  2016. 


“ Based on the Dine’ stories of the Twins; the 64 tetrahedron design represents the intricacy of each Twin as an individual and how together they play diverse and important roles in Dine’ storytelling. The Twins are the sons of Changing Woman and the Sun; they were created to protect the people and to lead with integrity.

Beads are hand stitched directly through the canvas using fireline and a needle.”


Arizona Artist:  Marlena Robbins.


On view at Grotto Gallery "Walking on Sunshine" exhibit which runs through September 27th, 2018 in downtown Tempe, Arizona.

Walking on Sunshine



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